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Our First Christmas Hamper | Home Baker Series | Karumuru Food Vlog

Today we were invited by a home baker to try their new version of the pull-me-up cake and to handover the first Christmas hamper of 2020. Bake House by Sara, we reached her place, she was a little;e tensed because this is her first try doing a different level of the pull-me-up cake. She prepped the cake with ganache and glitter, now it is the showtime. It was pulled, because it was the first trial, it didn’t come as expected but the cake was good and tasty. 

It was not just that, she handed us a pinata cake, and it was our first time breaking a pinata cake. Pinata cake is used to keep some surprise element and gift it to our dear ones. It is made out of white chocolate, that is white chocolate is melted, colour is added and then poured into a mould. Then we had our Christmas hamper, well-packed hamper 5 different items:

  1. Rich Fruit Plum Cake
  2. Lotus Biscoff Jar Cake 
  3. Red Velvet Cupcake 
  4. Chocolate Decadent 
  5. Geometrical Heart Cake with Nutella 

For Christmas Hamper, they charge Rs. 1299. If you are interested to buy the hamper check out their Insta page, the link is given below: 

Bakehouse by Sara https://instagram.com/b_a_k_e_h_o_u_s… 

The price for Pinata Cake is INR 900 and for the Pull-Me-Up Doll Cake (1KG) INR 1200.