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ആർക്കും തുടങ്ങാവുന്ന Cloud Kitchen | What is Cloud kitchen ? | Karumuru Food Vlog

Opening a restaurant or cake bakery is tougher than you would think. And while a big capital and location are a big challenge. There is a much better and easier way, with the advancement in technology and apps coming into play the concept of Cloud kitchen is becoming popular.

  1. Find the right location – When we say location we do not mean a restaurant or café space. This is why a cloud kitchen is pretty cost-effective making it one of the best business ideas.
  2. Choose an online food ordering platform – A cloud kitchen is entirely reliant on online order so if you want to make a good profit you should select one from many.
  3. Have all the license – Just because you are not running a full-fledged cafe does not mean you do not need licenses. FSSAI license, health trade license, fire license, GST registration along with bank and company registration are a must for any and every business. 4. Get a POS system – Since a cloud kitchen fully dependent on online orders you need a POS system.