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നല്ല തട്ടുദോശയും പൊറോട്ട റോളും, Karumuru Food Vlog

Year 2020 has taken many memories from each one us, one such memory is having food from street vendors. Their food are enjoyed by everyone and they are budget friendly too. Today we are heading to a street vendor ‘ Che Live Shack’. They are located in Calicut city for the past three years. It was closed for a few months but now they are back in action with all the precautions against Covid-19.

They sell food items ranging from Rs. 25 and above. They are Specialists in different varieties of dosas. We have ordered for a thattudosa( mini version of dosa), Schezwan cheesy dosa and a spicy cheesy porotta roll. Great to taste the flavour after so long and we enjoyed every bite of it. To reduce the heat of food we ordered a mint tea in matka.

Location: Malabar Hospital, Fairmont, Bilathikkulam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673006.