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സൈനിത്താന്റെ സ്വന്തം Zain’s | Karumuru Food Vlog at Zain’s Hotel Calicut

Listening story is always exciting, and how about the story of a successful entrepreneur. Today we are heading to Zain’s hotel, in Calicut. Zain’s hotel stands testament to Mrs Zainabi Noor’s firm resolve to showcase the cuisine of her family. She began her culinary enterprise 29 years ago. We were welcomed as if we have reached in our dears one’s home, that could feel that cosiness. Now it was the time to dig into our food. Our table was so much full, that we were not able to decide which one to eat first. Tried and tasted all the items and we thank Minhaj for accompanying us. Every food has its taste and love. What we liked in the food was the quality and taste that is being consistent in every dish. And when it comes to the name of the dishes, Oh My God! Theta really out of the box. Some of their dishes are a combination of the new flavour and the authentic ones. We liked everything, some of the dishes were mind-blowing. Seethapal pudding was one such thing and it is a must-try item. 

Below we have listed the items that we have and the price is also mentioned: 

  1. Chicken Padakkam – Rs. 5 
  2. Crispy Unnakaya- Rs. 10
  3. Kutti Petti – Rs. 10 
  4. Beef Mittai – Rs. 10 
  5. Idimutta – Rs. 15 
  6. Unnakaya – Rs. 20 
  7. Chicken Cream Ball – Rs. 20 
  8. Pav Chicken – Rs. 25 
  9. Bamboo Chicken – Rs. 30 
  10. Irachi Pathiri – Rs. 60
  11. Cashew Cup – Rs. 15 
  12. Choco Bite – Rs. 25 
  13. Nutella Hazelnut Choco – Rs. 30 
  14. Khatta Meetha – Rs. 30 
  15. Dipped Brownie Stick – Rs. 35 
  16. Pineapple Pudding – Rs. 40 
  17. Richie Rich Mini – Rs. 75 
  18. Nutella Plate – Rs. 120 
  19. Sithaphal Cream – Rs. 150 

Location: Zain’s Hotel Convent Cross Road Behind Fire Station, Kerala 673032.