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Ikkayees Elaneer Chicken | Calicut Beach | Flavours of Calicut

Calicut city is one the best city when we think about food. Calicut food is at times a feeling of many. We all love to try and taste different varieties of food , not just the varieties , it has to be the best food in Calicut. Today’s journey has stopped us in Ikkayees, where we had the chance to meet some guest and tasted some good food. We were welcomed in a very warm way, met with the people who do food reviews in Calicut,viz

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After a short conversation with them, we got back to our task, tasting food. It was surprising to see some elements which are present in some food items. Some dishes were with mild flavours and some were a little spicy. Every dish had its own highlights and difference. We finished off our course with a drink, it appears to be a normal shake but it has blown our mind, one was Boost MS and other was Horkics MS. we actually couldn’t add the footage in the video, but it is a must try. Below are the dishes we had and its price range. Give to taste buds a little change in flavour, it will like it!
Elaneer chicken – 300rs.
Kanthari beef – 160rs.
Beef thengakoth – 160rs.
Fish thalichath – as per size.