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Cheenachatti | Karumuru Food Vlog

The pandemic situation has taken away many good vibes that we as foodies enjoy, one of them is having a good black tea with some nice snacks. Today we are heading to a snack hub “Cheenachatti”were we going to have some variety of snacks. Most of the places we get the same snacks like pazhampori, ullivada, parippuvada etc, but in Cheenachatti you won’t find any of these items.

 Cheenachatti is located in Kallai, Calicut. We reached there at their peak time, many people were there to buy things and have a cup of tea. We ordered a bunch of items and then it was the time for us to make of taste buds happy with the different flavours of each item. Our table was full all the variety present there. Tried each one of the snacks, every item was different and tasty. Our personal favourite was chemeen aada and chip nirachathu was the cutest of all. Let us know which you like the most after trying the items.

Below are the price of each item:
1. Chippi nirachathu – Rs. 8
2. Cutlet – Rs. 10
3. Pocket Shawarma – Rs.15
4. Killi kood – Rs. 15
5. Chattipathiri – Rs. 20
6. Carrot cake – Rs. 20
7. Shawarma chattipathiri – Rs. 20
8. Chicken burger – Rs. 59
9. Chemeen ada – Rs. 15
10. Muttamala muttasurka (portion) – Rs. 30

Location : P K Building, Kallayi, Near Panniyankara Flyover
Contact number 7560960893