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Arabic Gatha | Karumuru Food Vlogs

While going back home from the office I tried a new style of Shawarma from Wagon Mart which is called as Arabic Gatha (Turkish Shawarma). It was so yummy, I couldn’t resist myself having it again and again. The next day itself I told Meghna about this and we planned to have the same. We reached our destination, but it was so rushed and also due to this current situation we both planned to get the shawarma and have it from our office. So finally we reached our office and but here also we found that our staff are also here so we thought that we won’t be able to get a small bite of the shawarma. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the meal. We opened the Turkish shawarma, along with this we got a small Pepsi which is a combo. I asked her how it is but she was going on having it, from that I understood oh so she also liked it very much.

Everyone must try this dish and share feedback and you will find a club wagon at all Wagonmart Branch.

Below you can see the price of the dish and the location.

1. Arabic Gatha – Rs 120

Location : WAGONMART, Panniyankara, Kozhikode.

Rating: 4/5