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Domino’s, Happy Cup, Pizza Ricotta, Pizza Comparison, Karumuru Food Vlog

What are your thoughts about pizza? Pizza is that food item which is originated in Italy and everyone around the globe love it. Today we are comparing some pizzas that are available at our home town. We bought three pizzas, one from Domino’s , another from Pizza Ricotta and last one from Happy cup.

We have tried to order the same flavour (barbecue chicken)from different restaurants, but when it comes to the size they were different. We ordered our pizza from swiggy, after a short wait pizza’s were ready to get tasted.

We opened Domino’s and took a bite, oh my god! We missed it so much, we have choosen a cheese burst base and we really enjoyed it. It was having descent amount of toppings. Next we tried the pizza from Happy Cup. When we opened the box we were surprised to see the toppings on it, and was filled with toppings. We took a bite from it, it has got a good flavour, with a thin crusy and in each bite we got the flavour of sweet corn, bell pepper , chicken and the pizza sauce. Third and the last one was from Pizza Ricotta. Compared to other two this was the biggest one among the three. We opened the box and took a slice, the crust was a little more thicker than the pizza from Happy Cup but it was soft. The chicken which is used for the toppings is fried and a little hard, but over all a good pizza.

Our personal favourite was Domino’s, and the next favourite one was from Pizza Ricotta.
Below is the price range for the pizza.
1. Domino’s – Regular – Rs. 305
2. Happy Cup – Medium – Rs. 271
3. Pizza Ricotta – Medium – Rs. 335