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Rasa 3 Step Biriyani Mix | Karumuru Food Vlog

Biriyani is one just kind of food item that is always related to Indians and when it comes to Kerala, that too towards the Malabar area biriyani is an unavoidable dish. Yes, what you are thinking is right, today we are going to make a chicken biriyani. But with a twist, according to you how much time will it take to prepare a good and tasty biriyani? Maybe around an hour? No, it will take just 20 minutes to make biriyani. We are not joking, today’s video is all about making a simple and delicious biriyani at your home in just three simple steps.
Before going into the preparation, we would like to introduce a product which we are going to use, Rasa Biriyani Masala. This is not like the biriyani masala powder that you get in the markets. Rasa biriyani masala includes all the needed ingredients that are needed to prepare the biriyani masala, that is, onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, all the spices, etc. Rasa biriyani masala cut shorts your work into half, you don’t need to chop anything for the preparation, all you need is some chicken and biriyani rice. Cook the chicken by adding the Rasa biriyani masala and take another vessel and spread the masala first and then add the biriyani rice on top of it and keep it aside for 20 minutes on low flame. Biriyani is done.
It really tasted great, the only suggestion that we had was the amount of salt, it was a little less and if you want your masala to be a little spicy you can add some chillies too. Overall it was really a simple biriyani by consuming very little time and it was worth tasting. Rasa biriyani masala will reach to the market soon. Do try it and let us know what you like about it.