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DOUBLE DECKER BURGER | Hunger Bun Mukkam, Kozhikode | Karumuru Food VLOGS

Today we thought of going for a drive. While driving our main agenda and focus was to fill our stomach, so we landed at Hunger Bun. They welcomed us with a beautiful ambience and music. Our first item Hunger Bun Special Falooda came, it was full of nuts and fruits. It was so heavy. The next item was Double Decker Chicken Burger which was so huge. Then came Zinger Cheese Chicken Burger and Hunger Bun Beef Burger. We liked the cheesy zinger burger which was full of cheese and it was yum.

We ordered for two drinks Fig Finale and Kiwi, seriously saying our stomach was full because of the burgers sorry to say we were not able to finish it.

Last but not least we had a Chicken Shawarma Plate with French Fries. We enjoyed the zinger cheeseburger the most with a lot of cheese. We suggest Hunger Bun for a good burger and with a beautiful ambience.

Below are the food with the price details.
1. Hunger Bun Beef Burger – Rs. 230
2. Chicken Cheese Zinger Burger – Rs. 130
3. Double Decker Chicken Burger – Rs. 150
4. Hunger Bun Special Falooda – Rs. 140
5. Fig Finale – Rs. 90
6. Kiwi Juice – Rs. 90
7. Shawarma Plate – Rs. 90
Location – MP Arcade, Karassery jn mukkam Kozhikode