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The Manda Store | Karumuru Food Vlog | Home Baker Series 05

We got a chance to introduce a new home baker in town. She is an expert in making manda and beef ada. Many of you may not be familiar with manda. Manda is a traditional Malabari snack served with tea. It is in the shape of samosa but with a different filling inside, the filling will be sweet, most of the manda which is available in the market is filled with Rava. But the person who we met today uses a different filling.

Today we are having some delicious manda and beef ada from “The Manda Store”. She came to the home baking field because of her children. They very much support her in doing all her preparation. Manda which we ate is filled with rice filling and it is really yum, the flavour of the ghee, the added nuts everything is balanced very well. When it comes to beef ada, OMG very crisp and flavourful. Both of us liked it very much.

If you are interested to try their flavour to contact them:
The Manda Store – 7994469698
Their Instagram page: https://instagram.com/themandastore?i…