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Homemade Cupcakes | Karumuru Food Vlog

There are a lot of bakers who bake cakes and dessert, today we are going to a cake baker located in Feroke, Calicut. Like every other baker in town she does all sorts of cakes, but some of her dishes are very different and unique. And yes, we are here to try those unique and different dishes.

Cravers are the only bakers in Calicut who uses blow touch for toasting, we have tried two of their sweets, toasted marshmallow cupcake and sugar cookies. Its was our first time trying a marshmallow cupcake, that too, a toasted one. Super soft sponge with a delicious base with biscuit layer and the marshmallow over it, OMG it has blown our mind. A super yummy cupcake and the high light is that every bit of the cake is made by herself. Then we have tried their sugar cookies, cookies are egg less and she used a royal icing over it, perfectly cooked cookies.

Below we are adding their Instagram page link and contact details:
Contact Number -8139051459 – Afreen (Cravers)