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Tasty Home Made kunafa, Baklava, Basboosa | Karumuru Food Vlog | Arabian Sweets

Kunafa is something that is always in love, and because of this reason we never miss a chance when it comes to tasting kunafa. Yes, what you are thinking is right! Today we are tasting kunafa from a home baker, who is at Kallai, Calicut.

We reached there and were surprised by a cute gift hamper from her daughter. The hamper consists of three different desserts, cheese kunafa, nest baklava and basboosa. We tried each of them, and it was our first time trying basboosa. Crispy and cheese kunafa, which melts in our mouth. Mostly baklava is made by sheet, but we got nest baklava and it was really sweet. Basboosa was the star of the show, this may be because we are trying it for the first time. Both of us loved it very much, its rich texture, smooth and soft inside. That made our day.

If you are interested to try the taste contact her for such a delicious dessert.
Below we have given the contact details and link of her Instagram page
Hafsa – 9995979696