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Karumuru @ Ice Day Cafe, Calicut | Steak Club Sandwich | Kinder Mini Pancakes | Mix Choco Crepe

After a continuous food review from our office space, we are getting a little bored. So we are going out to have something, and decided to go to @Icedaycafe.

Reached our destination, that was the moment when we understood that haven’t decided what to eat. Again the confusion remained, but to make a small twist we thought to give that job to the person in charge of the cafe, to choose what we are going to eat.

Just a few minutes later our food came one by one, first one was a steak club sandwich with some fries. Great start, then came the kinder pancake. It looked really sweet and tasted really superb. After that it was the time for the mix choco crepe, to make it clear, crepes are not available everywhere in Calicut. This was our first time from Calicut.

Sugar rush has reached at its peak. Now we need something to neutralize the flavour, and there came out two drinks. We personally liked the passion fruit mojito more than coffee toffee.

Below you can see the price of each dish and the location.
1. Steak club sandwich – Rs. 270
2. Kinder mini pancake – Rs. 230
3. Mix choco crepe – Rs. 230
4. Passion fruit mojito – Rs.100 ( med.) Rs. 150 (large)
5. Coffee toffee – Rs. 200
Location : P T Usha road, opp. Mayor Bhavan, Vellayil, Kozhikode.
Rating : 4/5