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Karumuru is Back | Grillax Grillbox | Grillax Restaurant Calicut

After a long gap we are meeting again. This calls for a celebration.

How to celebrate? What to do? Yes, having a good meal is always a good idea. Being a foodie, we searched for something different. The search ended in the page of Grillax, they are selling grill box. It is a mix and match assorted meat combined in a box.

No need for any special food app to order the grill box. Grillax has given a number under the post of grill box Ad, just put a ‘Hi’ to that whatsapp number and you choose your order there. And when it comes to the payment, once they deliver the box you can pay by scanning the QR code. And that’s it, you get a contactless delivery.

We would rate the food – 4/5

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