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Snackible Unboxing | Karumuru

We are a little exhausted eating all oily and deep fried items. Today we thought of eating something which is not oily, we started browsing things and finally got a place where we can get some cool snacks which is either roasted or baked.

Now you may think that what are we actually talking about? Don’t get confused, we are talking about a site, “Snackables”, where they sell a lot of good mid-day meals varieties. Snackables believes in providing smarter snacking for us. All their snacks are roasted or baked – never fried – to give us a snacking experience that is unparalleled.

They have a variety of snacks , we have ordered for ” THE BESTSELLER BOX”. They have delivered the box within five days. The Bestseller Box contain:
1. Jowar and banana choc chip cookies
2. Cheddar cheese makhana
3. Baked pizza sticks with a jalapeno dip
4. Sea salt chips with chocolate dip
5. Peri peri ragi chips
6. Spiced ragi chips
7. Hot wasabi peanuts
8. Very berry trail mix
9. Pudina makhana
10. Tropical trail mix
11. Cinnamon waffle with honey twig

This list actually changes according to the best selling items on the site. So if you order this box you may get a different items. Our box actually cost Rs. 599. We are mentioning the site from where we got the snacks.