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Karumuru Mandi Comparison, Best Beef Mandi In Kozhikode

Today we thought of comparing the most popular food, which is trending all over Kerala, that is, “Mandi”. Mandi is a traditional dish originated from Hadhramaut, Yemen, consisting mainly of meat and rice with a special blend of spices. It is cooked in a pit underground.

To make it a little different we thought of ordering beef mandi. Yes! We did find out a little difficult to get the restaurants who sell beef mandi, but our hardwork didn’t pay off, we got beef mandi from three different restaurants. We ordered from @Paramountower, @mandihouse and @amanikuzhimandhi.

Mandi from Paramount tower was very different from the normal mandi and it has a different name too, Surbhiyan Mandi. It is said that this mandi was served for the kings and queens in the earlier period. A longer rice and very flavourful beef and potato was the combination.

Then we tried mandi from Amani kuzhi mandi. This actually blown out mind, because we didn’t expect much and we have not heard about this anywhere. Oh My God! Beef inside that mandi was so juicy and tender, it was melting in our mouth. And the rice was also good.

Last but not least, we tried mandi from Mandi house. Mandi house is very famous in Calicut for its beef mandi. The hype which we heard that really paid off, it was really nice , the beef was a little hard but overall a great mandi.

Both of us has a different opinion about the best mandi which we tried , but the truth is every mandi was different and was good. Below we are adding the price details of each mandi:
1. Paramount tower – quarter portion Rs. 299.
2. Amani kuzhi mandi – quarter portion Rs. 220.
3. Mandi house – half portion Rs. 490. (All including delivery charge).