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Kerala Porotta & Beef Comparison | Zam Zam, Sagar, Rahmanth | Karumuru Vlog

Some food items give you that feeling of being Malayali, you must be thinking what is that item that we are talking about? Today we are going to do a comparison on porotta and beef. In Calicut, you can find porotta in every single restaurant. Our hunt for the best among them. Asked many of our friends for their opinion and added our personal choices and finalised three different restaurants, Zam Zam, Sagar and Rahmath.

We got our food and now it is time to taste them. Appearance-wise, all the poratta have done a fair job, now it is the time for the taste test. We took each restaurant and had the poratta with beef. Our first bite was from zam zam, OMG, that feeling, having a bite of porotta and beef after a while. Both of us sat idol for a minute and enjoyed. And to the taste, porotta was good and beef was okie. Then we tried Sagar, beef from Sagar was mindblowing, that flavour of pepper, it was too good. Poratta was flaky and good enough. Then the last one was from Rahmanth, porotta was really superb, hot, flaky and soft and beef was an okie one.

Our favourite among this three is porotta from Rahmanth and beef from Sagar. Tell us which is your favourite.
Below we have given the price details:
1. Zam Zam Porotta – Rs.15
Beef Fry – Rs. 216 (Full)
2. Sagar Hotel Porotta – Rs.12
Beef Fry – Rs.145 (Half)
3. Rahmanth Hotel Porotta – Rs.11
Beef Fry – Rs.106 (Half)