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Trending Cakes with Sugar sisters | Karumuru Food Vlog

Trending Cakes with Sugar Sisters | Karumuru Food Vlog Dreams are one such thing which makes us face all the trouble in life. Today we are going to meet two sisters in Calicut city, you may be thinking about what is their speciality. Yes, they do have, they are home bakers for a long time and now they are taking their home baking career to a next level. We are taking about @sugarsisters.

A cafe where they can showcase all their baking treats, it was their husbands who made their dream possible. As everyone is entering into a home baking career in this corona period. Our sisters have opened their cafe in Calicut, Convent road. They shared their story with us and we got a chance to taste some of their sweet delicacies.

We tried browny with icecream, cheese with caramel topping, white rouq and hot chocolate. The cheesecake was literally melting in our mouth and we couldn’t stop us from finishing it. White rouq was very different from all of them, the combination of coconut flavour and the kick from the lemon, great flavour. They have maintained a beautiful atmosphere inside the cafe, even it is small it has got that luxury element.