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PAARZA | The Best Mughal Restaurant In Calicut | Karumuru Food Vlog

Calicut always gives you the chance to taste different taste now and then. We are heading to Parsa Restuarant, where you can get the Mughlai cuisine at its best. Mughlai cuisine consists of dishes developed in the Medival Indo-Persian culture centres of the Mughal Empire. It represents a combination of the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent with the cooking styles and recipes of Central Asian and Iranian cuisine.

We were welcomed with a different ambience, a very well set-up place. We felt like we are sitting some were outside Kerala, with a luxurious touch. We ordered for a mixed-platter, dum biriyani with mint flavour, phirni and jaljeera pani.

In the platter malai chicken and mutton chop was our personal favourite. When it comes to dum biriyani, the flavour was very mild and balanced. We have tried phirni from different places but, this time we got to taste the authentic phirni. It was yum.

After the yummy feast, they offered us a jaljeera. The black salt or rock salt added in the drink acts as a good digestive. Our tummy was happy too.