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Trying Kunafa from Kunafa Hub | Calicut Beach | Karumuru

After having a heavy lunch many of us wish to have a sweet on the top of it. As we all know Calicut us very famous for all kinds of sweets , especially, halwa. But today we are not going to eat halwa, instead of that we thought of eating something different. And ended up eating “Kunafa”. Kunafa is an Arabian sweet, it originated from the middle east parts. We have spotted a place in Calicut beach where they sell different varieties of Kunafa. “Kunafa Hub” , it is situated in the south side of Calicut beach, in between Seaqueen Hotel and Beach Hotel. We have ordered for three types of Kunafa. Cheese kunafa, chocolate kunafa and cream kunafa. For every kunafa they give a small cup of sugar syrup which has to be poured on top of the kunafa. The sugar syrup brings out the flavours in the kunafa. Both of us liked the cheese kunafa very much, maybe it is because we are a little addicted to cheesy dishes, other flavours were also nice. They not only serve kunafa, but also baklavas, and some other Arabian sweet, which you would definitely be interested to try at least once.

Below we have mentioned the price of each dish :
1. Cheese Kunafa – INR 250
2. Chocolate Kunafa – INR 280
3. Cream Kunafa – INR 250