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Udupi Biriyani | Mutton Aleesa | Golden Plate | Karumuru Food Vlog | Home Baker Series 06

Today we were craving for some biriyani, and our search ended in an Instagram page @goldenplate. They have got a unique Udupi biryani on their menu and we have ordered two Udupi chicken biryani and Mutton Aleesa for the dessert. They mostly take bulk orders for parties and functions.

Received our parcel, their packaging is really superb. Opened one by one, the aroma, Oh my god! It was really superb. We took a bite of biriyani with a piece of chicken, great. It was really different from the Malabar biryani. When we just asked them, they told us that the biryani masala is made with fried onion and the long basmati rice. Overall a very different taste and we really liked it.

Next, it was time for our dessert. Aleesa or Harees is a one-pot wheat porridge made with chicken/lamb and few spices. It originated in the Middle East but it is also a popular dish in the Malabar region. We have ordered Mutton Aleesa, as we said earlier, they take orders in bulk and in case of Aleesa they have two quantities, a small and large one. Small can be consumed by 10 people and large can be consumed by 20 and more people. Mutton Aleesa was yum!

Below we are adding the price details and their page. Check out their page for more dishes. We have ordered just two of their dishes and have a lot more on their menu.
1. Udupi Chicken Biryani (for 2 people) – Rs. 600
2. Mutton Aleesa – Small Portion – Rs. 450 – Large Portion – Rs. 700

Page – https://instagram.com/_goldenplate?ig…