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Wayanad Village Resort | Karumuru Food And Travel | Travel Vlog 01

Wayanad Village Resort | Karumuru Food And Travel | Travel Vlog 01. Everyone wishes for a time which is their own with no other disturbance. We were also in need of a short stay cation to dumb all our stress. We planned for a day and finally decided to go to Wayanad Village resort, Niravilpuzha. Wayanad Village Resort is what you have been dreaming about. Mist and green, song and silence, Nature and You.

Starting from their entrance we could feel the vibe of nature and breeze took all our tiredness with it. Mr Sabu, the owner and the person behind the beauty of the resort. You can always see him surrounded by horse, Codi. Many types of pets are seen there, and they greet their guest. We took a look around the resort and was mind blown by the scenic view and calmness which we could feel. We enjoyed our day by taking a dip in the pool and got drenched in the freshness of golden sunlight.

A well-maintained property, each cottage is prepared to pamper you in luxury, right in the middle of the greenery. Every modern facility is made available for you there. If you are looking for a break from all the daily routines, we would recommend you to take a staycation and come back with a refreshing mind.

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