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Gudham Food Library | Karumuru Food Vlog

What are the factors that you look in a cafe? Some may prefer the food, but some other opt cafe looking for a great ambience with good food. Today we are on a hunt to discover a cafe in Calicut, which completes both looks and feel.

We have heard a lot about Food Library cafe, situated on South Beach, Calicut. Cafe welcomed us with a beautiful signboard which was hanging outside. The place where the cafe is situated was used for storing rice in the olden day and this why it is called “Gudham”.

We talked with the owner of the place and the man who is behind the collection of artefacts that we saw in the Food Library. Mr Basheer, a man with great passion and determination, we talked a lot, he shared his story to us. He has collected each from different countries and arranged it this “Art Cafe”.

After the conversation with him, we went back to the usual task, eating. Food Library has started recently and they have not introduced all their signature dishes yet so we have ordered some basic food items, I am in love with coco (tender coconut drink with nuts and caramel crunch), fried chicken, french fries and VIP burger.

The drink was really nice, a refreshing drink to cool our palate. Fried chicken and fries were crispy and great in taste. When it comes to the burger, it was an Okie on. I f you are a person who loves art and food together, then you should definitely visit the place.

LOCATION : South Beach, Gujarathi Street Calicut, Kerala.