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Best Chicken Biryani in Kozhikode | Karumuru

Whenever someone arrives at Kozhikode their interest toward food will be at a different level. Their first question is” Where can i get the best biriyani in Calicut?”.

This episode we are dedicating to those who are in need of this answer. Actually it is very difficult to taste all the biriyani available in Calicut and comment on it, when we think about biryani, we have chicken, mutton, beef, fish and even veg biryani. And this is the reason why we say it is difficult to taste every biriyani. This made us decide to have only chicken biryani, and again the problem arised. Where to order and how many restaurants should we try?

Ya! we know that you are also thinking the same. And we decided to have chicken biryani from three different restaurants. First names that came to our mind were @Rahmath Hotels, @Bombay Hotel and @Paragon. Many of you may have a difference in opinion, but don’t worry our trials are not yet over.

We ordered our food from each of the above mentioned restaurants, it was the time to reveal the taste of each biriyani. Our first impression was conquered by Paragon, they have neatly packed in a cloth bag. We opened each package and tried them, we were very upset about the food from the Bombay hotel, because it tasted weird. Paragon and Rahamath saved our day, our heart was happy so is our tummy.

People who like a little extra masala will opt for Rahmath and people who like a lesser masala will go for Paragon. Still both the biryani was flavourful.

Price of the dish:

1. Rahmath – chicken biryani (half) – Rs. 122
2. Paragon – chicken biryani (Full) – Rs. 234
3. Bombay Hotel – chicken biryani (half)- Rs. 140