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Karumuru at Jellyfish Water sports Calicut | Travel Vlog 01

From the usual food review, we have diverted a little and explored a new place which is less visited by our natives. Yes, we are talking about Calicut, there are many places in Calicut that people go very often and are very familiar, but on the other side, some places are still not explored a lot. We have reached to such a place, “JELLYFISH”. The name is not giving any clue what it is actually, it is a water sport place, the inspiration for creating Jellyfish project, which focuses on attracting everyone back to our waters for leisure, recreational and for serious activities of water sports in Kerala so that there is self-awareness on the need for protecting our waters.

They are located at the waterfront of the Chaliyaar River within the city limits of Calicut(Kozhikode), near Kolathara area, just a paddling distance of 5km from the iconic Beypore port. They offer a new alternative to the mundane city life and aims to attract youngsters, families, and children to learn a new skill and enjoy the rivers.

When we entered the premises we could feel the positive vibe from each corner, very calm and lush greenery surrounded and their premises are eco-friendly. Our task was to get the training for kayaking and hit the rivers with our teaching skills. We were excited and a little bit worried too. We started off with a welcome drink and prepared ourself for the kayaking. They provide three types of kayaking boats, sit-on-top, standing and fully inside, we have chosen sit-on-top because the rest was meant for experts. Safety is their foremost priority and so we were very confident to sail. Long two hours we spend in the Chaliyar river enjoying each and every bit of rain and breeze which followed us.

Some emotions are never explained, and for us, the experience of kayaking was something like that, we were not able to explain what we got from and at what extend we have enjoyed the ride. But one thing, you will never regret when you reach here. After a long ride, we were all ready to have a small lunch and this too had a difference. We were moving in the luxurious houseboat “Queen of Chaliyar” and enjoying our launch. The houseboat had two bedrooms and a spacious conference hall.

If you are interested to stay here they have a compact and neatly arranged rest house for you. You can enjoy the cosiness and you can explore the adventure out there. If you are interested to know more about them below you can find their website, so that you can explore more about them. this is our first Malayalam travel video, so please watch and support.

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